November 27, 2015


Coldplay's 'Adventure Of A Lifetime' Video: Watch Some CGI Monkey Business

Coldplay have clearly entered the time-honored Monkey Phase of a band's career: After dancing with gorillas onstage at the 2015 American Music Awards, the group has shared its primate-laden video for "Adventure Of A Lifetime."

There's nothing quite like a music video set in a jungle and starring a ton of CGI gorillas that still makes time for a Beats ad placement. By far the best part of the video is when four monkeys form a rock band and create an alternate universe in which the members of Coldplay were never humans, but instead born rockin' apes!

"Adventure Of A Lifetime" comes from Coldplay's A Head Full Of Dreams, due out Dec. 4. The album will include a ton of insane guest features--click here to read more.