The Michael B. Jordan–starring Rocky spinoff Creed, about the son of the Balboa's famous rival in the films, is due November 25. Like many movies before it, it will have a soundtrack. And like many collections of music in 2015, it will feature Future.

"Last Breath" features hip hop's current MVP going in over the original Rocky theme; producers Metro Boomin and Ludwig Göransson (Childish Gambino's right hand man) killed this one.

The track's perfectly on-brand for Future and Creed both, with the dude spitting about his come-up ("my grandma didn't even believe in me") and his current solid state:

I got angels all around me, yeah, yeah
I got love all around me, yeah, yeah
I'll be a fighter till the end, till my last breath 
I'ma hustle till my last breath 

The fact that this is for a major motion picture didn't stop Futch from rapping about trapping and keeping a stash of Xanax on him, though. Don't worry.