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Gift Guide 2015: 25 Awesome Ideas for the Holidays

As Thanksgiving passes and the clock ticks towards Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, it's time to buckle down and pick out choice presents for your loved ones. In preparation for the looming season, here are 25 potential ideas for you to hand over to the people you love most.

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"In Memory of Zayn" Sweatshirt (Etsy, $25)

StyleHeroes on Etsy

What do you get for the One Direction fan who has everything they could ask for—except Zayn Malik still being in the group? Help them get through their mourning with this topical sweatshirt. They can wear it, use it to wipe their tears, or both!

Get it here.

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Nike Air Mag (Ebay, $$$)


Feel like being extra generous this holiday season? Dip into your savings, or take out a second mortgage, to give that special someone a pair of limited edition Nike Air Mag sneakers to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future's release. They say money can't by happiness. They were wrong.

Get it here.

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The Rap Year Book (Amazon, $11)

Harry N. Abrams

Satisfy the rap head in your life with Shea Serrano's The Rap Year Book, an NYT best seller that examines the most important songs, moments and issues of every year from 1979 to the present day. Come for the illustrations from Arturo Torres, stay for Serrano's sharp sense of humor.

Get it here.

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Tickets to Justin Bieber's 2016 Tour (Prices Vary)

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 22: Singer Justin Bieber performs onstage during the 2015 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theat
Frazer Harrison/AMA2015/Getty Images for dcp

There's little chance that you haven't been won over by the Biebs, what with his scorching new album Purpose and his mostly successful road to redemption. Give a pair of tickets to one of the shows on his next world tour—but only on the condition that the recipient brings you as well.

Get them here.

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BB-8 by Sphero (Sphero, $149)


Star Wars: The Force Awakens is guaranteed to have movie theaters across the globe lit when it impacts on December 18. Gear up for the future blockbuster's release with this app-controlled Droid from the trailer. Not only can you control it from your phone, but you can create and view holographic recordings with it. Super nerdy? Super fresh.

Get it here.

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Star Wars Cookie Cutters (Think Geek, $14.99)

Think Geek

If you don't have a Star Wars superfan to buy toys for, try getting this set of six cookie cutters that includes Darth Vader, C-3PO, Chewbacca and more. Don't just watch Star Wars this holiday season: eat them, too!

Get them here.

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2 Chainz Baby Onesie ($20)


Deck the halls—but more specifically, your baby—with this 2 Chainz onesie! Forget carols: That lucky kid could be cooing "truuuu" in no time with Tity Boi's foray into children's apparel.

Get it here.

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Beats By Dre Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds (Best Buy, $199.99)

Beats by Dre

Wires are lame. This is a fact. This holiday season, say goodbye to headphones that tangle literally anytime you put them in your pocket with these Beats by Dr. Dre wireless Bluetooth earbuds, which do in fact have a wire but only to connect each headphone. Duh.

Get them here.

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"May the Odds" Mockingjay Hunger Games Duvet (CafePress, $157.99)

Cafe Press

There's probably a Hunger Games stan in your life, and that stan can't say they're the biggest stan without going all the way, with a duvet. With the final film installment of the exhaustingly popular series finally out, give this gift to someone who wants to wrap themselves in all things Hunger Games and never let go.

Get it here.

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Adele Prayer Candle (Etsy, $13)

KitschupCreations on Etsy

Know someone who bows at the altar of Adele? When 25 simply isn't enough, turn to the heavens—with an Adele prayer candle! What better way to honor pop's new savior than with this iconic rendering of the British superstar?

Get it here.

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Innogie Pocket-Sized External Charger (Innogie, $19.90)


Running out of battery is a drag. Get that special someone a second chance at on-the-go battery life with this pocket-sized external charger, which you can use to juice up your smart phone, iPad or what have you. Perfect for the concertgoer who spends the entire time draining their phone by looking at Twitter instead of what's on stage.

Get it here.

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Polaroid Snap Camera (Polaroid, $99)


When digital simply isn't enough (let's be real, when is it?), turn to analog with the Polaroid Snap Camera, an all-in-one darkroom that prints color photos straight from the side of the joint.

Get it here.

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Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck Super Deluxe Edition (Amazon, $127.98)


Nerds for Nirvana will find hours of treasures in this bounty of Cobain-related items. The package includes the film Montage of Heck, an 160-page book, a 31-track soundtrack on CD and cassette, and more. Grunge lives!

Get it here.

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Studio Décor LP Album Frame (Michael's, $9.99)


Music is a work of art. So why not treat it like that? Give the vinyl lover in your life a chance to put their 12-inch sleeves to work with these album frames, perfect for showing off just how deep their collection is to anyone who drops by.

Get it here.

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Taylor Swift Christmas Tree Ornament (TaylorSwift.com, $11.89)


Is it a coincidence that the price of the Taylor Swift Christmas tree ornament is 89, just like 1989?? Probably, but that's no reason to dismiss this pink orb of delight as a present to someone who spent all year shaking it off.

Get it here.

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Shudder Subscription (Shudder, $49.99)


Okay, so the holidays aren't necessarily the best time to be watching horror films. But who says you can't enjoy them year-round? Satisfy the thriller buff in your life with an annual subscription to Shudder, a streaming service that's the Netflix of scary flicks. Because who says the end of the year has to be cheerful!

Get it here.

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Deer Dana Apparel ($60)

Deer Dana

Deer Dana is a masterful artistic mind, drawing sketches of pop figures spanning from Rick Ross and Grace Jones to Dolly Parton and Andy Warhol. Pick up one of her signature tees, all priced around $60, for someone who not only loves music, but lives it.

Get them here.

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Zoom iQ5 Lighting Stereo Microphone (Reverb, $99.99)


Chatty people love to be heard. For the loquacious Larry in your life, get them this plug-in microphone for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, allowing them to record podcasts in sterling quality straight into their device of choice.

Get it here.

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Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names Poster (Pop Chart Lab, $29)

Pop Chart Lab

Hip-hop aficionados will appreciate this highly detailed poster, connecting basically everyone in rap music with umbrella terms to describe them including "crime," "wordplay" and "xxx."

Get it here.

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Nintendo 64 Cartridge Soaps (Firebox, $15.19)


Gamers need clean hands to keep their controllers from getting filthy over time.  That's why these life-size N64 cartridge soaps will help them stay on-brand as they take a break from the virtual world.

Get them here.

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Olloclip iPhone Lens (Olliclip, $79.99)


When filters simply aren't enough, turn to Olliclip, which crafted a clip-on lens for next-level photos on the iPhone. The item has four different lens-enhancing options—fisheye, wide-angle, 10x macro and 15x macro—which, of course, can be used to produce the most optimum pics or, more importantly, selfies.

Get it here.

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Drake "Hotline Bling" Christmas Sweater (Etsy, $10.95-$17.95)

icustomfit on Etsy

It doesn't get peak-er Drake than this ugly Christmas sweater, inspired by the meme-iest video of the year. You might notice the image of Drizzy hitting one of his signature dance moves on the front of this pullover. Do yourself a favor and get one for a friend, and one for yourself.

Get it here.

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"Mad Men" Complete Collection (Amazon, $128.99)


Relive the AMC series with this nifty Blu-Ray box set, which will give that special someone a reason to hide from his or her family throughout the holidays and binge-watch it all over again. As a bonus, the set comes with two tumbler glasses for optimum boozing, plus four coasters. Bottoms up.

Get it here.

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Rapper's Delight: The Hip-Hop Cookbook (Amazon, $13.15)

Dokument Press

Don't just listen to Raekwon the Chef—become him! (Sort of.) With Rapper's Delight: The Hip-Hop Cookbook, you can whip up one of 30 recipes, from Wu-Tang Clam Chowder to Notorious P.I.G. (feat. 2Pak Choi). Serve it with might, and serve it right.

Get it here.

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Capeheart Portable Turntable (Amazon, $59.88)


Breaking the bank around the holidays is easy, so there's no need to go overboard if you're shopping for a portable turntable. Try Capehart's suitcase-style, three-speed player with built-in speakers, available in a handful of colors and easily transportable.

Get it here.

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