November 5, 2015


Good Charlotte Drops New Single, "Makeshift Love": Listen


Okay, so by now your heart is full and heavy with Good Charlotte reunion news. Not only is the legendary pop-punk band back in full force, but they've announced a one-off gig in Los Angeles later this month...their first in what feels like forever.

The guys know that our thirst for more GC is real, so they've shared a new single, "Makeshift Love." Don't worry, it's totally classically them.

The band dropped a song for the Pixels movie earlier this year alongside Waka Flocka Flame, but this sounds like the first real Good Charlotte song in a minute. Don't believe us? Lyrics like "I'm dying tonight but no one is crying" are vintage GC.

Listen to it here, then click through our list of 11 life-affirming anti-suicide anthems. The vintage hit "Hold On" makes an appearance, among many other bangers.