November 17, 2015


Tyler, the Creator & Hodgy Beats Have Already Made Up

Getty Images
Getty Images

Odd Future bros Tyler, the Creator and Hodgy Beats had a hard time over the weekend. At the crew's fourth annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival, each rapper had shit to talk about the other. Hodgy doubled down online his set at the festival, calling Tyler "a fraud" and saying he was "changing faces." Tyler, onstage, yelled, "I helped too many of my motherfucking friends out!"

But just like that, the #beef's been #squashed. Observe, via Hodgy's Instagram:

All it takes is to tell your friend to "stop being a bitch"! Plus the ceremonial re-friending handstand ceremony. OFWGKTA forever.

The instantaneous beef/un-beef is reminiscent of last week's Young Thug v. Metro Boomin kerfuffle, which resulted in "Hercules," one helluva song. Maybe Hodgy and Tyler will go the same route.