November 10, 2015


Jared Leto Discusses Life on Mars in 'Beyond the Horizon' Series

Jared Leto is a busy guy, and that might be the understatement to end all understatements. We know he's currently in the studio, working on new Thirty Seconds to Mars material, but he's also exploring Mars in a real way. As in, the planet Mars

Leto has a new-ish AOL art series based on the concept of going "Beyond the Horizon" (the title of the series in question). In it, he asks artists and innovators for their ideas about the phrase. In the latest installment, Leto talks to astronaut Charles Frank Bolden, Jr. about Mars and a future of humans relocating to space.

That's right, folks. It might not be Thirty Seconds to Mars, but thirty years doesn't sound that bad, either. 

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