November 4, 2015


Jared Leto Teases New Thirty Seconds To Mars Music On Instagram

Jared Leto (@jaredleto on Instagram)
Jared Leto (@jaredleto on Instagram)

Jared Leto has been pretty busy playing the Joker and winning an Oscar, so we can't really blame him for pressing pause on his music career. He and his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars, announced an elaborate fan summer camp getaway for August 2016, but other than that, it's been radio silence for team 30STM. Until now!

It looks like the guys are back in the studio, per a new photo from its frontman.

Jared Leto posted this Instagram of him rockin' it in the studio with the caption #MarsIsComing. Seems straightforward enough... and we can't wait for new tunes! It's definitely time for a new record: Their last, Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams, was back released in May 2013.

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