November 25, 2015


Joe Jonas Thinks a Jonas Brothers Reunion Could Happen

Chelsea Lauren/WireImage
Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas are clearly hanging out on the reg, as brothers do. Did you see them belt out the Blink-182 classic "All The Small Things" after the American Music Awards? Truly priceless.

It's gotten a lot of people thinking: Could the Jonas Brothers do the thing again? In a new interview with PrideSource, Joe Jonas says it's likely. 

It started with asking Joe if he'd ever consider making music with his brothers Nick and Kevin again. He responded:

Nick and I have a few ideas to work with other artists who we really like. There are a couple of artists out there that we think are really incredible that we'd like to work together with. And then, there's always down the road. We don't really ever wanna say never to anything just because there could be something that comes along our way that we might say, 'You know, let's try working on this song together.' It's tough to say that we'll never do it because who knows.

Then the question became...what would it take to make that reunion happen? He told the pub:

Time itself. Seeing where things will lead us. It's easy to say we're done and that we're never doing it again, but then we both look at each other and go, "We obviously get along." And who knows - years from now we could be like, "All right, let's make a record." It could easily happen.

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