November 2, 2015


Watch Justin Bieber's Video for the Skrillex-Featuring "I'll Show You"

Update: The nature-loving video, directed by Rory Kramer, is also here. Watch Justin Bieber go green, skateboard on an airplane, explore glacial waters in his underwear and jump over barbed wire fences.

Original story: Another day has come, and so we're another day closer to Justin Bieber's let's-get-grown-up comeback album, Purpose. On Sunday night, JB dropped "I'll Show You" featuring Skrillex. It's one of at least four tracks on the record produced by the 27-year-old super-DJ.

The new song definitely fits in nicely alongside "What Do You Mean?" and "Sorry," which have both been extraordinarily well-received so far. "This life isn't easy, I'm not made out of steel / Don't forget that I'm human, don't forget that I'm real," Bieber sings in a track full of vulnerability, emotional strain and pleas for understanding. The titular "I'll show you" is about displaying these things loud and clear.

Interesting to note that our latest taste of Purpose comes almost right after a black-and-white video of "Sorry" showed up, that one with Skrillex also in the house—but on an acoustic guitar.

When you're through vibing to this one, get a little drama in your life with this clip of Bieber storming offstage after a single song in Norway last week. (Although that may go against the Biebs' opening line on "I'll Show You": My life is a movie and everyone's watching / So let's get to the good part and skip all the nonsense.")