November 5, 2015


Katy Perry Tops Taylor Swift as Highest-Paid Woman in Music

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic
Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Do you want to hear Katy Perry roar? You can… but it’s gonna cost ya.

The “Dark Horse” star has been named the highest-paid woman in music for 2015, according to Forbes’ annual ranking. Coming in at No. 2 is… Perry’s perceived arch-rival, Taylor Swift.

Perry raked in $135 million this year, largely due to her international Prismatic tour. Swift came in second with her $80 million showing, thanks to her own 1989 tour and album sales. 

Beyoncé, last year’s highest-paid woman in music, clocks in at No. 5 this year, behind the ladies of Fleetwood Mac and Lady Gaga

Something tells me that Adele will appear on this list next year! Until then, see the full 2015 Top 10 below:

1. Katy Perry- $135M

2. Taylor Swift- $80M

3. Fleetwood Mac- $59.5M

4. Lady Gaga- $59M

5. Beyoncé- $54.5M

6. Britney Spears- $31M

7. Jennifer Lopez- $28.5M

8. Miranda Lambert- $28.5M

9. Mariah Carey- $27M

10. Rihanna- $10M