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21 Times Kendall Jenner Ruled Tumblr

InTeRnEt BabY

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Sweet & Sincere

When Kendall Jenner says "Everybody is beautiful," you have to believe it.

(Embed: S-E-H-N-S-U-CH)

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Hot for the Holidays

Let us not forget that Kendall Jenner might be a total It Girl, but it's a title she deserves: She's been modeling forever and knows how to flirt the line between sexy and sweet.

(Embed: Vand3lay)

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...And Totally Adorable!

See what we mean? She's so cute when she's just being herself.

(Embed: Uhways)

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Too Relatable, Too Honest

That doesn't mean she ignores messy situations, either. How is this not the ultimate reaction gif?

(Embed: YeahJenners)

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Careful Cat Woman

Tumblr is a place for fashion to get really experimental, and no one knows that better than our girl K. Check out this high-powered cat suit!

(Embed: The-Jenner-Sistersxo)

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Flower Power Crown

Just ask Lana Del Rey, the Queen of Tumblr: there's nothing like a flower crown.

(Embed: Majestys)

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Realer than Real

Of all of Kendall's one-liners on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, this one is by far the most iconic. What even is the Internet if not a place to store the best and brightest Jenner-isms?

(Embed: KendallKylie)

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Silent, Not Social

We all feel this way every once in a while, right? 

(Embed: JustFuckThatShit)

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Model in the Wild

So much of what makes Tumblr great is the aesthetics: You can curate your profile so that it possesses a certain quality. You can cut out any excess stuff and only show the world your best work. It's a metaphor for Kendall, who always looks amazing even when she's just living her day-to-day life.

(Embed: KendallAndKylieJennerStyleLove)

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Cute at Coachella

Coachella was invented for Tumblr to evaluate celebrity outfits, and KJ rules them all.

(Embed: KardashianEmpire)

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Sentimental Sisters

The social media platform also allows for moments of sweet sentimentality. Just put Kendall and Kylie in a room together and grab those GIFs! 

(Embed: KendallJennerMexico)

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Rockin' Rollercoaster

It's also a fun place, too. How do these girls look so good while on a ride? The world may never know.

(Embed: FuckYeahDash)

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Sissy Selfie

If you haven't seen this gif before, chances are you've never been on Tumblr.com before. This might be the moment the word "selfie" was born. 

(Embed: KardashianEmpire)

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Fan Fave

Fandoms ruled the internet, and the girls and guys that love Kendall are no exception. Look how sweet she is to them!

(Embed: KendallAndKylieJennerStyleLove)

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Pregnancy Power

Earlier this year Kim Kardashian had a pregnancy-themed birthday party, and every sister participated. Doesn't it look like Kendall is freakin' working that baby bump?

(Embed: KimKendallKylie)

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Artsy Fartsy

Kendall doesn't just model safe, unadventurous styles. She really goes for it, as seen above.

(Embed: KardashianEmpire)

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Harry Styles...Need We Say More?

One Direction owns the Internet, and when Kendall and Harry were linked together...well...we all lived to tell the tale, right?

(Embed: AlmostAliveBarelyBreahting)

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Totally Teen

Ugh, parents just don't understand. Especially when that parent is Kris Jenner.

(Embed: TeenDotCom)

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Super Surprise

If someone surprises you with something really great and you're at a loss for words, just show them this bad boy.

(Embed: ParadiseHasItsHunter)

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Candid and Cool

Sometimes you just need to tell it like it is, and Kendall does just that... all the time. Our queen!

(Embed: KardashianGifs)

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'90s Teen Witch

Kendall was only a toddler when The Craft hit theaters, but this look is total '90s teen witch and basically set Tumblr on thanks to that black lipstick and huge plafform shoes.

(Embed: VictoriasBook)


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