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Little Mix's 'Get Weird': The 10 Best Girl Power Lyrics

The British girl group's latest effort is all about dismissing crappy dudes, supporting your fellow female and empowering yourself. Check out the best and brightest lines from the album here!

1 / 10

"Black Magic"

Get your boy on his knees
And repeat after me, say
Take a sip of my secret potion,
I'll make you fall in love.
For a spell that can't be broken,
One drop should be enough.
Boy, you belong to me

2 / 10

"Love Me Like You"

He might got the biggest ca-ar-r
Don't mean he can drive me wild or he can go for miles
Said he got a lot of ca-a-ash
Darling he can't buy my love

3 / 10

"Weird People"

I see a slick city boy with his fellas hanging by the bar (Oh, get off the bar)
He got the money and the Benz but it don't mean a thing at all (Oh, nothing at all)
Well, mister, let me tell you this, you can get a little weird for free (Oh, get it for free)
Cause it don't matter who you are, you can be who you wanna be (Oh, you wanna be)

4 / 10


Cause he was just a dick and I knew it
Got me going mad sitting in this chair
Like I don't care
Gotta get him out my hair
I tried everything but it's useless
He pushed me so far now I'm on the edge
Make him disappear
Go get him out my hair

5 / 10


Grown now, grown now
Don't you know that I'm grown now, grown now
Don't you know that I can hold my own, boy you missed the boat
Can't get with me, now I'm grown

Your voice dropped, you thought that you could handle me
You played me, but now you trying to holla me
You're washed up and now I'm in a different league
Trying way too hard and I don't need your flattery
Now, it's funny how the tables turn
I'm sitting back baby watching you burn
No regrets it's a lesson learned
'Cause what you think ain't my concern

6 / 10


I don't even know
Why they fall like dominoes
Oh my gosh, I did it again
He said I broke his heart, it keeps happening
I don't know why they always fall for me
Why they always fall for

7 / 10

"The End"

Now the parties done
And you beg on the floor
As I walk out the door
Boy we're through

8 / 10

"I Won't"

I got my pride, my self-respect
Need nothing more, want nothing less
'Cause all that I got should be enough to make it work

9 / 10

"Clued Up"

I used to dress like everybody else
I wanted to just blend in
They told me no, keep my dreams on the low
Told me I'd never win, yeah
I love to be different
Guard up to opinions then let 'em in
Tear me down, want to see me drown
Like being happy is such a sin, uh huh

And now I'm older, it's never over
It don't stop affecting me, the world keeps testing me
I'm getting on track with every knock back
On a bad day, I just gotta stay, stay, stay, stay

10 / 10

"Love Me or Leave Me"

You can take this heart
Heal it or break it all apart
No, this isn't fair
Love me or leave me here!


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