November 2, 2015


Nicki Minaj & Perez Hilton Feud Over Halloween Joke

Getty Images
Getty Images

C'mon guys, Halloween is supposed to be fun! Nicki Minaj and Perez Hilton got into a Twitter fight this Halloweekend after a costume joke went awry.

Rocking a sexy fairy godmother costume, Nicki posted a video to Instagram that showed her joking with friends and waving her wand around. She later points her baton at someone in a wheelchair and yells "Walk! I command you to walk!" Nick deleted the vid, but fans saved it and posted it here:

Perez responded to the video with a critical blog post decrying that Nicki was commanding a disabled person to walk. The rapper wrote back to Hilton saying the person in the wheelchair was not disabled, but her friend and that the blogger knew that. She also added, "Are u that desperate for attention?"

Hilton's site since wrote a story saying they believe Nicki, but still asked readers if they buy the explanation or "think she was being too mean."