November 11, 2015


One Direction Albums, Ranked: What's No. 1?

In the five years One Direction have been a band, they've done the unthinkable: In 2015 alone they've broken six Guinness World Records. It's quite clear that they'll go down in history as not only one of the biggest boy bands of all time, but one of the best, too. With ample time to soak in their fifth and quite possibly final studio album, Made in the A.M., we look back to their previous releases. With one full-length every year since their creation, there's a lot to dig into!

New to the band? An avid Directioner? However you fancy yourself, we're sure you'll appreciate an in-depth exploration of the band's repertoire, ranked from best to worst. Let's be honest, though—the worst of One Direction is still a lot better than most things.

#1'Midnight Memories' [2013]

One Direction was huge commercially by the fall of 2013, but with the release of Midnight Memories, they became gigantic musically. Gone were the bubblegum tendencies of the group's first two albums, replaced by expertly arranged arena-rock and tender folk balladry. “Best Song Ever” and “Story of my Life” were effective singles, but the whole album is easily digestible and deeply likable. When all is said and done, Midnight Memories is 1D’s body of work worth returning to most often. –Jason Lipshutz

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