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One Direction Pride Playlist: 9 Songs They're Most Proud Of

With five full-length albums under their belts, you've got to wonder: Which songs are 1D most satisfied with? 'Entertainment Weekly' asked the guys just that. Click through to find out!

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"Love You Goodbye"

Louis Tomlinson seems to love "Love You Goodbye" from the band's latest, Made in the A.M. He told Entertainment Weekly: “The one I wrote on that I’m most proud of on the new one is probably ‘Love You Goodbye,’" adding that it's a “romance-y but not romance-y” power ballad.

“Not a very good description,” he continued. When asked about the meaning behind the song, Louis responded: "I think it’s kind of like when you come to the end of a relationship and you always find yourself seeing that person one last time. It’s that moment...If you can read between the lines.”

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"Midnight Memories"

For other material, Tomlinson says he was super stoked on "Midnight Memories," the title track from their third LP. "‘Midnight Memories’ was the first song that we felt like we had real ownership over,” he told EW. “I remember that session and it was just one of those really magical moments in the studio.”

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"What A Feeling"

Liam Payne is most stoked about the new album's "What a Feeling.” He told EW:

“That was a big one that me and Louis sat and wrote together. It just kinda came together. It was inspired by a Fleetwood Mac[-esque] sound. It’s just a nice driving jam — imagine driving down the coast.”

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"Better Than Words"

Liam's also super proud of "Better Than Words." He explained:

“That whole song was written about song titles. When I write with the boys, we never write anything down, and we have to try to remember it. There was a point in the middle of the night where we totally forgot the whole song, and we were like, ‘Ugh, what did we start with?’ And we were on a bus at like three in the morning in Manchester or somewhere and me, [songwriters] John [Ryan], and Julian [Bunetta] couldn’t remember the whole song we’d just written, which was quite good." 

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"Never Enough"

Not only did Niall Horan write "Never Enough" for Made in the A.M., but it's one of his faves. He told Entertainment Weekly: 

“It was kind of a new sound that we had never tried before and I had never really written in that sound, either. When you hear the song you’ll know what I mean. It’s very different. I was happy with the way we had written it, and the way we came about it. We were just on the piano one night in Julian [Bunetta]’s house, and we were sitting around and having a couple of beers and then it just kinda popped up on the piano and it’s now played by trumpets. So, when things like that happen, you feel proud.”

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"Don't Forget Where You Belong"

Niall's other fave? "Don't Forget Where You Belong" from Midnight Memoriessimply because it “gets a good reaction during [live] shows, and yeah, when I was writing it there was a lot of sentiment behind it.”

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"Drag Me Down"

That brings us to Harry Styles. His favorite is "Drag Me Down," the very first tune we heard from Made in the A.M. He explains, "I was really happy with how ‘Drag Me Down’ went around. I like that one a lot." Easy enough!

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"Stockholm Syndrome"

Harry's favorite from FOUR? "Stockholm Syndrome"! He told EW they did it "on tour and people seem[ed] to like it. We’re happy with that one.”

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Harry cited one more tune, the Midnight Memories cut "Happily," for being “the first song that we felt like we had real ownership over.”

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