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21 Pop-Punk & Emo Reunions We Need To See

After Good Charlotte reunited in 2015, we had to wonder... who's next? Find out who we think needs to make a comeback, ASAP!

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My Chemical Romance

No list of desired reunions could exist with My Chemical Romance. While Gerard Way's solo career has definitely kept us on our toes, we're truly not okay until the gang gets back together.

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Anberlin weren't totally a pop-punk band: They flirted with indie rock in a way that made them feel a bit more universal than the others on the Warped Tour circuit. They were also classified as a Christian band before they called it quits in 2014, playing their final show last November at the House of Blues in Orlando, Florida.

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Hey Monday

Before becoming something of a country music star, Cassadee Pope fronted the much beloved pop-punk group Hey Monday. Many believed they'd become the next Paramore, but they disbanded before their world takeover. Leave the cowboy boots behind and come join us in pop-punk fame, Pope!

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The Almost

The Almost is the brainchild of Aaron Gillespie, best known for his work in Underoath, now known for his drumming chops in Paramore. The dude pursued his indie-pop side with the Almost before killing the project earlier this year. We're ready for a revival, dude!

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Automatic Loveletter

Without the demise of Automatic Loveletter, we wouldn't have Juliet Simms in her solo glory. Why can't we have both?

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Cinematic Sunrise

Cinematic Sunrise featured Craig Owens and Bradley Bell of Chiodos, two gents with a remarkable scream. CS was much more experimental and only slightly pop-punk, but we miss it all the same.

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My American Heart

My American Heart flirted with emo, indie and pop-punk in a way that shot them to real MySpace fame. Like the site, it didn't last: The group called it quits in 2009.

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Madina Lake

After the explosion of Victory Records and Fall Out Boy, it seemed like everyone and their mother was looking to Chicago and its suburbs for the next best thing. Madina Lake were there and ready to deliver. It's a bummer that their run ended, but they went out with a bang: They played the 'Triology Finale Tour' across 8 days, playing 8 shows in and around the UK.

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Every Avenue

Every Avenue is the most pop-punk band name of, like, all time, right? They lived up to the name and had some very real success: Their second album Picture Perfect hit No. 136 on Billboard 200...not bad for a band from complete obscurity. The group has been on hiatus since 2012, and things aren't looking too bright.

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Here's another death we're not totally over yet... and it happened very recently. Triple Crown Records' Fireworks ended things last year, and it still feels too soon.

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Any Blink-182 diehard will tell you, without Fluf and the Southern California scene they promoted, pop-punk as we know it wouldn't exist. Well, it would exist, it would just be totally different, you know? These guys haven't been a band for over a decade, but that doesn't mean we don't miss them.

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Go Radio

Go Radio only existed for a shade over five years, but their influence is felt throughout. Have you ever heard 5 Seconds of Summer talk about music? The band was fronted by former Mayday Parade frontman Jason Lancaster and reflects the dude's penchant for monstrous melody. 

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Gratitude were only a band for two years in the mid-00's, but in that time they made a real impression. If you need a place to begin, we recommend "This Is The Part."

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Something Corporate

Andrew McMahon has lived a lot of musical lives--as a solo artist, the frontman for Something Corporate and the mastermind behind Jack's Mannequin. Of all his projects, we find ourselves returning to the good ol' SC. 

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Jet Lag Gemini

Jet Lag Gemini died too soon. There was talk of an album that would've been produced by Blink-182's Mark Hoppus. We're still not over this.

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June were as stereotypically pop-punk as it gets: They were from Chicago, they were signed to Victory Records and they were awesome. All of their records are ace, but 2005's If You Speak Any Faster is truly worth spending some time with.

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The Juliana Theory

The Juliana Theory were everyone's favorite emo-ish band in high school, and we shouldn't have been forced to give them up in 2006 and then again in 2010. Their last album, Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat, was released literally a decade ago. That's too long ago!

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Letter Kills

Letter Kills also had a short shelf life, but they did tour with The Used and My Chemical Romance back in the day. They, too, lean into screamo/emo territory a bit more than some of the other bands on this list, but they did it well.

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Before Gabe Saporta was taking over the world in Cobra Starship, he was was singing the blues in Jersey emo greats Midtown. Miss you, sad Saporta.

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Save Ferris

More ska punk than anything else, Save Ferris seem like outliers in more ways than one. A handful of their songs became immortalized in films like The Big Hit, Senseless and Thomas and the Magic Railroad, which we just consider more of an incentive to reunite? Who wouldn't want this? 

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Box Car Racer

One day we will live in a world where Tom DeLonge and Travis Barker get along, and then Box Car Racer will return to us. Trust.


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