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PSY Just Dropped a New Album: 7 Things You Need to Know

From Ed Sheeran's involvement to the origins of his new dance moves, here are the points you need to know about the rapper's just-released new album

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"Daddy" Might Be His Best Video Since "Gangnam Style"

YouTube's most famous star just dropped his new album and it features some of the biggest stars in both America and his native Korea. Here are the points you need to know about PSY's new album, his first full-length since releasing "Gangnam Style"

Don't get us wrong: We loved "Gentleman" and "Hangover," but the "Daddy" music video feels like a return to form for the ever-goofy PSY. From a senior citizen outfit to a ballroom dancer get-up, PSY lets his ridiculous personality show by dressing up as different characters. Most impressively, he has his head superimposed onto a child's body for one of the coolest and awesomely off-putting visuals in the video.

The world fell in love with PSY for the off-the-wall personality we saw in "Gangnam Style," and it feels like he's truly back to his silly best in "Daddy."

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"Napal Baji" Features Another Famous Korean Dance

As the follow-up visual to "Gangnam Style," PSY's "Gentleman" video showcased the rapper delivering a hip-shaking dance move, which was a controversial sensation in South Korea thanks to Brown Eyed Girls' "Abracadabra" in 2010.

PSY continues to spread Korean pop culture by incorporating what looks like yet another famous girl-group dance in the choroegraphy for his other new single, "Napal Baji." On the funky track's hook, PSY sticks one arm out while another punches behind and in front of him, almost like he's lassoing the air. That move recalls the famous move from T-ara's 2011 release "Roly Poly," which was another humongous hit at the time. See the move at 4:40 in its official video below:

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"Daddy" Features Korea's Next Breakout Star

While PSY is arguably the most successful international musician to come out of Korea, "Daddy" features what very might be the country's next breakout star. Singer/rapper CL, who is the leader of K-pop girl group phenomenon 2NE1, delivers the hook on the track, and looks poised to make even bigger moves on the music scene next year.

CL's U.S. career is being handled by Justin Bieber/Ariana Grande manager Scooter Braun and she recently dropped her half-English, half-Korean buzz single "Hello Bitches," ahead of her upcoming English album that appears set for 2016.

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There's an Ed Sheeran Rework

Ed Sheeran made his way onto PSY's new album with a remix of his own 2014 hit "Sing." The Korean rapper added trap breakdowns, loads of synths and new rap sections for this rework that closes the LP. Ed's silky falsetto remains intact here and acts as a fun juxtaposition to PSY's infamous growls.

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Will.i.am Is On Board

PSY also snagged will.i.am for a feature on the electro-pop banger "ROCKnROLLbaby," which he wrote and composed alongside the Black Eyed Peas member.

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Korea's Biggest R&B Star Is Featured, Too

But PSY didn't just look West for his collaborators: Album standout "I Remember You" features one of Korea's biggest R&B singers, Zion.T. In the past year, the singer-songwriter has landed four No. 1s in his native Korea ("Yanghwa BRDG," "Just," "Deja Boo" and "No Make Up," below).

"I Remember You" can hopefully help the smooth singer's star grow further after small inroads in the U.S. in 2015, including performing concerts in New York, Atlanta and at America's biggest K-pop festival, KCON, at Los Angeles' Staples Center.

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One of Korea's Biggest Hip-Hop Vets Also Appears

Another standout on the LP is "Ahjussi Swag," which features Gaeko of Korea hip-hop act Dynamic Duo. Alongside his band mate Choiza, Gaeko is currently celebrating 10 years in the music business with the duo originally breaking out when rap was still majorly underground in Korea. Last year, Dynamic Duo recorded their excellent joint album with DJ Premier, titled A Giant Step, while Gaeko released a critically acclaimed solo album Redingray featuring the single "No Make Up" featuring Zion.T and Yenny of the Wonder Girls.

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