November 17, 2015


'Star Wars' Sequels Will Keep Coming Out... Forever?

Chesnot/Getty Images
Chesnot/Getty Images

Wired's new Super Star Destroyer–sized Star Wars story leads with three bits of text:

–"You Won't Live to See the Final Star Wars Movie"
–"The Force Will Be With Us. Always."
–"Star Wars and the Quest for the Forever Franchise"

That should put you in the right place to hear the following from writer Adam Rogers, which goes to a galaxy far beyond Episode VII: The Force Awakens:

"And if the people at the Walt Disney Company, which bought Lucasfilm for $4 billion in 2012, have anything to say about it, the past four decades of Star Wars were merely prologue. They are making more. A lot more. The company intends to put out a new Star Wars movie every year for as long as people will buy tickets. Let me put it another way: If everything works out for Disney, and if you are (like me) old enough to have been conscious for the first Star Wars film, you will probably not live to see the last one. It’s the forever franchise."

The article notes that Marvel—also a Disney property—has 17 movies coming in the next decade, along with five TV series. If years of Star Wars comic books, video games and novels—all in ridiculously high volume—are a bellwether, George Lucas' brainchild won't have trouble following Iron Man and his buddies' path. 

"The universe can extend for 10,000 years forward and back from the moment Luke blows up the first Death Star," Wired writes. So far, Lucasfilm has announced plans for Episode VIII, Episode IXa Han Solo origin movie and Rogue One, "essentially...a period piece" potentially set around the time of Episode IV, according to Lucasfilm Story Group head Kiri Hart. Maybe a Boba Fett standalone, too.