November 16, 2015


Surge Soda is Really, Truly Back (In Frozen Form)

The Coca-Cola Company/Burger King
The Coca-Cola Company/Burger King

Coca-Cola's Surge soda has been quietly returning to our world over the past year, and today it's going wide. In frozen form, anyway. Burger King is now offering the icy green cup-shaped time machine across the United States.

Pauly "The Weasler" Shore, age 47, has been chosen as the spokesman. The incomparably absurd ad evokes the '90s and pure terror in equal parts:

Surge debuted in 1997 as Coke's version of Mountain Dew, more or less, and died a sugary, citrusy death in the early aughts. In September 2014, the company brought the beverage back thanks to a Facebook campaign page amassed more than 128,000 Likes. (Today it's got 319,000.) The catch was that it was only sold in 12-packs via Amazon, and in limited supply.

Then, this September, it returned to real-life stores in 23 states in the Midwest, Southeast and the Great Lakes—a.k.a. the "areas where demand and loyalty for the brand is highest." (They're super on top of this.) And now here we stand, slobbering at a Burger King counter. 

Oh, about Pauly Shore? “The unique story of the brand’s return is rooted in nostalgia,” says associate Coca-Cola brand manager Ashley Summers. “So we thought it would be great to bring in a celebrity everyone would associate with that timeframe.”