November 23, 2015


That Big 'Walking Dead' Death Was a Fakeout: [Spoiler] Is Still Alive

Gene Page/AMC
Gene Page/AMC

Just before Halloween, we shared sad news about the celebrated series The Walking Dead. In its third episode of season six, the series very convincingly seemed to kill off...well, spoilers from here on out.


So it looked like Glenn was dead. Lovable, useful, seemingly invincible Glenn. Devoured by a hideously massive horde of zombies. The show, as ever, was merciless toward one of its main characters.

PSYYYYYCH! The Walking Dead never killed Glenn. Dude was camping out under a dumpster. Pretty irritating/bold of the powers that be to make us wait a month to learn his true fate, but it's better than him staying dead forever.

Meanwhile, they're making a Walking Dead theme park ride!