November 4, 2015


The Weeknd Custom Vaporizer Plays "The Hills" As You Puff

PAX (@PAXvapor on Twitter)
PAX (@PAXvapor on Twitter)

It's hard to believe a song as dark and grimy as the Weeknd's "The Hills" went to No. 1—beating Abel Tesfaye's own song, the much poppier, Michael Jackson–ier "Can't Feel My Face"—and sat there for six weeks. But since it did, the sky's the limit.

PAX Labs is now selling a Madness Tour Limited Edition PAX vaporizer for $325. The company's product listing promises that "the device powers on to the tune of the number one hit 'The Hills' and has a unique yellow LED light setting." It's a slick black device bearing the logo of XO, the Weeknd's label. 

A custom vape is the perfect match for a song with a chorus that goes, "When I'm fucked up, that's the real me." And it'll be available for sale at the Weeknd's merch table during the Madness Tour.

"Pax Labs has made a concerted effort to align itself with high-end partners in the fashion world this year," the Verge writes, "and its deal with The Weeknd constitutes its first big step towards the same sort of relationship with the music industry."