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Tyler Posey is a Pop-Punk Prince: 5 Times He Supported the Scene

The 'Teen Wolf' star has a not-so-secret love for bands like All Time Low, Blink-182 and State Champs. Click through and see what we mean!

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There's the time he joined State Champs...

So you know how State Champs are, like, one of the biggest pop-punk bands going? That might sound hyperbolic, but their world takeover is imminent. Why else would Tyler Posey join them on stage for one of their pre-Around the World and Back hits, "Elevated"?

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...And All Time Low!

All Time Low performed at the 2015 MTV Fandom Awards and it was, in a word, awesome. Before launching into the hit that made their career, "Dear Maria, Count Me In," Tyler Posey joined them onstage. We think he'd make a great fifth member. Do you hear that, Alex Gaskarth?

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He's working on a film with Blink-182's Tom DeLonge

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Blink-182 founder Tom DeLonge just released the first in his sci-fi trilogy, Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker. The release is part of a multi-media project...the next step is a live-action film starring, you guessed in, our guy Tyler Posey! So sick, right?

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And he's totally obsessed with Halsey

Halsey might not make pop-punk music herself, but her support of the scene does not go undocumented. Bands like 5 Seconds of Summer and Twenty One Pilots show their love in return, so it's probably not a stretch to say Posey's love for the badass babe was birthed from Alternative Press. 

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Same goes for Bayside?

This one comes as a real surprise: The other artists get mainstream radio play, but Bayside is a little bit further below the surface. Posey apparently loves 'em, too. You go, dude!

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