November 16, 2015


New Uber Initiative Allows You To Audition for Music's Most Power Players

Getty Images
Getty Images

At this point in time, Uber is more than just an app we all have on our phones—the private car/ride share service is a way of life. Instead of just revolutionizing the way we get from point A to point B, the service will now further your music career. Seriously. 

Last week, Uber launched the #UberBigBreak initiative in partnership with Warner Bros. Nashville. Aspiring talents who use the promo code “BIGBREAK” could score an in-car audition with the biggest names in music. Who, exactly? Forbes reports representatives from "Warner Music, the Country Music Association (CMA), the country-music website Rare Country, and other high-profile companies" are in on the action. 

The question becomes, will this reach all corners of the nation, or just Los Angeles and New York City? If anything, we see this becoming a killer reality television show a la Cash Cab...

It's important to note that this isn't Uber's first foray into the music industry. The app has partnered with Music Midtown and Live Nation in the past to offer exclusive concerts for a few lucky riders.