November 23, 2015


Who Is Fancy, Ariana Grande & Meghan Trainor Combine for "Boys Like You"

Earlier this year, we identified Who Is Fancy as a top artist to watch in Fall 2015, following his mysterious viral single "Goodbye." For his second act, the singer-songwriter enlisted two superstar divas in a fun and, more importantly, progressive pop single.

"Boys Like You" brings the Arkansas singer together with Ariana Grande and Meghan Trainor—both of whom brought him on the road for their respective tours—for a doo-wop-inspired ode to flirting with cute guys. Each artist takes a verse to coax the dudes (Grande might have the best line of the bunch when she coos, "I get a feeling looking you in the eye / Know you wanna take a bite of my cherry pie"), and come together on the addictive chorus.

But what's most notable here is how we have an openly gay male artist singing about flirting with boys (alongside his gal pals), on a song that sounds expertly crafted for Top 40 radio. It's something we have yet to hear on U.S. radio, and this tune is presented in such a fun style that, regardless of your personal feelings, you can't help but groove along to. It's this type of song that breaks barriers without being in-your-face about its progressive nature.

Get into the single via its official animated video above—which we really hope all three singers recreate in real life—and look out for what's sure to be more exciting moves from Who Is Fancy throughout the rest of 2015 and next year.