December 17, 2015


5 Seconds of Summer Drop "Jet Black Heart" Video: Watch The Heartwarming, Fan-Filled Clip

On Wednesday, 5 Seconds of Summer surprised us with a fifteen-second tease of their latest music video: A fan-filled effort for "Jet Black Heart." We knew it would spotlight the 5SOSfam (the tune has been dubbed a fan favorite) and the official video did one better: Real-life fans star in it, singing the words of Michael Clifford and Luke Hemmings.

It starts how the tease began, with a message for the fans. We see a close-up on the girls and boys that adore the guys. Throughout the clip, 5SOS themselves emerge. It's simple and powerful.

Near the end, it appears that Michael tears up. We know the tune deals with very real issues of mental difference, depression and anxiety, and he's probably been the most vocal member about it. Check out what we mean, here.

When you're done pressing repeat and wiping away those tears, take our quizzes: Which Member of 5SOS Are You? and How Well Do You Know 5SOS?