December 8, 2015


Angels & Airwaves Share 'The Dream Walker' Behind-The-Scenes Clip

Angels and Airwaves frontman/mastermind Tom DeLonge might've left Blink-182, but he's not slowing down. In October of this year, he released his first work of fiction, chapter one in a trilogy: Poet Anderson – The Dream Walker. We sat down with the guy to chat about it--you can revisit that bad boy here.

The release was partnered with EP and a graphic novel, while the entire series started with the 2014 AVA album, The Dream Walker. Today, we're given a glimpse into that process with an in-depth video. 

Tom says in the clip:

"The length of time on the Dream Walker was very long, specifically because we were reinventing the band. [Producer] Ilan Rubin came in and he had a very specific style as I did and they were still worlds apart and that's why we were both so excited to do it because I think we compliment each other in really great ways."

Watch the full black-and-white video above, then click through our list of 11 tragically underrated Tom DeLonge songs.