December 9, 2015


Barack Obama’s Favorite 2015 Song: A Kendrick Lamar Deep Cut

Getty Images
Getty Images

How cool is President Barack Obama? So cool that his favorite song of 2015 wasn’t just a Kendrick Lamar song—it was a Kendrick Lamar deep cut.

People has revealed President Obama’s and First Lady Michelle Obama’s favorite cultural touchstones of the year, with the Prez choosing “How Much A Dollar Cost,” from the Fuse staff’s favorite album of the year To Pimp A Butterfly, as his top song of 2015. Michelle Obama selected Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk!” — which technically was released in 2014, but hey, we’ll forgive the oversight, FLOTUS.

Meanwhile, President Obama’s favorite movie and TV show were The Martian and The Knick, respectively, while his wife loved Inside Out and Black-ish. Once again: the President watches a critically acclaimed Cinemax drama, and the First Lady is a Pixar diehard! Can we keep them forever?

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