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Best of 2015

The 11 Best TV Shows That Ended in 2015

Farewell, tons and tons of fine friends

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Sadly, 2015 didn't just give us fantastic new TV shows like Master of None, Empire and Jessica Jones. It was a yearlong goodbye to an unusually strong string of series that changed our lives in ways both big and small. Cue your favorite "in memoriam montage" song (Kendrick's "Sing About Me"?), and revisit the 11 best shows that ended in 2015.

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Finale date: March 20
Seasons: Six
Episodes: 121
Why we’ll miss it: Ryan Murphy’s baby might have grown out of its britches a while ago, but we can’t help mourn such a revolutionary, fun-loving series, and one that was so beautifully unique.

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Finale date: April 14
Seasons: Six
Episodes: 78
Why we’ll miss it: Timothy Olyphant’s bleedingly badass U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens and that parade of bad guys (Walton Goggins, Margo Martindale, Jeremy Davies, so many more), plain and simple.

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'Key & Peele'

Finale date: September 9
Seasons: Five
Episodes: 53
Why we’ll miss it: The lethal chemistry, the army of vastly different characters, the cutting and genuinely fun satire on race, America, dude-to-dude relations—this one should've gone as long as The Simpsons.

4 / 11


Finale date: March 22
Seasons: Two
Episodes: 18
Why we’ll miss it: Seriously? We only get to have an understated, naturalistic series about primarily gay characters for 18 episodes? (Sure, they're making a movie to wrap it up, but still.)

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'Mad Men'

Finale date: May 17
Seasons: Seven
Episodes: 92
Why we’ll miss it: It was the best show ever. If I write any more I’ll cry.

6 / 11


Finale date: January 29
Seasons: Six
Episodes: 103
Why we’ll miss it: It feels like Lorelai Gilmore just left us last week! Now we gotta lose another Lauren Graham joint?

7 / 11


Finale date: May 17
Seasons: Three
Episodes: 39
Why we’ll miss it: Even though the ratings always told us this would happen sooner than later, the punch of losing such a visually spectacular, psychologically daring, sensationally acted series hits hard.

8 / 11

'The League'

Finale date: December 9
Seasons: Seven
Episodes: 84
Why we’ll miss it: The improbable dream of having the very different, very powerful stars Mark Duplass, Nick Kroll and Paul Scheer on one show for this long is finally over. Shoutout to Katie Aselton and Jonathan Lajoie for cementing the group, too, and for Jason Mantzoukas for showing up so often.

9 / 11

'Parks and Recreation'

Finale date: May 17
Seasons: Seven
Episodes: 125
Why we’ll miss it: Leslie Knope is someone we’ll miss every day forever, and that cast was one of the most talented, weird and diverse of any comedy in history.

10 / 11

'Downton Abbey'

Finale date: December 25 (in the U.K.—the final season will begin in the U.S. in January)
Seasons: Six, plus five Christmas specials (including the upcoming one that will wrap the series)
Episodes: 52
Why we’ll miss it: We’ll get more British additions to the Golden Age of Television canon, but none of them will have Downton’s addictively historical vibe, or Maggie Smith.

11 / 11

'Kroll Show'

Finale date: March 24
Seasons: Three
Episodes: 30
Why we’ll miss it: This guy’s got tons of brilliance to come, but we’ll never again see him playing such a kaleidoscope of characters in 22-minute bursts of insanity. Plus, Kroll Show AND The League leaving TV in the same year? Ouch...

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