December 2, 2015


Brand New Officially Releases 2006 Demos

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images
Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

The emo revival is alive and well. We were recently given the first American Football shows in years, and At The Drive-In and Glassjaw just announced reunions. What did we do to deserve this greatness?

Long Island's Brand New were one of the firsts to start this glorious wave of nostalgic perfection. In April of this year, they dropped "Mene," their first new track in six years. A month later, they promised a new record. (Where is that, guys?) Fast forward to October and frontman Jesse Lacey is confirming that this reunion won't last forever, but he's enjoying it while it's here. Noble words!

Anyway, even if that new LP is nowhere to be found, BN are doing something for us. The guys have officially released nine tracks from a 2006 demo that leaked on the 'net. You can grab it digitally or on cassette here, just in time for the holiday season.

The band released a pretty straightforward statement:

As of now, this is the only official release of Brand New's Leaked Demos from 2006. 
Orders start shipping immediately. You’ll have it by Christmas. We think. Try your luck. All cassettes are red and come with a digital download.

Peep the tracklist here:

1.) Good Man
2.) 1996
3.) Brother’s Song
4.) Missing You
5.) Nobody Moves
6.) Luca
7.) Fork and Knife
8.) Yeah (Sowing Season)
9.) Battalions

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