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13 Amazing Britney Spears Deep Cuts

Take a look at the best songs from the pop superstar's discography that the general public doesn't know about

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"Soda Pop" (1999)

From her earliest tunes to should-have-been singles off Blackout and In the Zone, here are Britney Spears' her 13 best deep cuts.

Many deep cuts on Britney's debut album encapsulate the at-times bizarre world of late '90s bubblegum pop, and "Soda Pop" is a shining example. It's a reggae-tinged dance track that sees Britney trying out Christina Aguilera-esque vocals--which is interesting, since this was released before Xtina's debut album. 

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"One Kiss From You" (2000)

There's not much more to "One Kiss From You" other than it's 100 percent feel-good pop with some needle scratches and hip-hop samples for good measure.

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"Breathe on Me" (2003)

A fan favorite that many Spears supporters believe should have been a single from In The Zone, "Breathe on Me" is a late-night stomper about being so into a lover that you don't even to get physical with them, but, as Britney puts it: "Just put your lips together and blow."

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"Touch of My Hand" (2003)

The In the Zone album marked a much more personal collection of songs in Britney's career, and this ode to female self-love is the centerpiece. "Touch of My Hand" takes the listener into a trippy, psychedelic world laced with sneering violins and Spears' vocoder vocals, as she declares, "I love myself, it's not a sin / I can't control what's happening."

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"Showdown" (2003)

An ahead-of-its-time slab of rhythmic-pop, "Showdown" brings together punchy synths and electric guitar riffs over lush electronic production.

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"Get Naked (I Got a Plan)" (2007)

Blackout is Britney's underrated masterpiece that was sadly overshadowed by her personal struggles and controversies at the time. A big part of what made the album so great was the experimental production, courtesy of Danja (who helmed Blackout's excellent singles "Gimme More" and "Break the Ice"); "Get Naked" perfectly captures how weird they could get. With a chorus that consists of a man shouting and Britney cooing in the background, it is the type of banger that pop fans weren't used to hearing, making the atypical tune that much more brilliant. 

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"Why Should I Be Sad" (2007)

While Blackout focused mostly on underground club music, the LP closed with what might be one of Britney's most personal songs to date. The Pharrell-produced "Why Should I Be Sad" detailed her tumultuous marriage to Kevin Federline, via a slinky kiss-off. 

Even in the middle of what was undoubtedly the craziest part of her life, Britney showed she could get deep and revealing...over a sick beat, of course.

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"Freakshow" (2007)

Wayyy before it was the played-out trend we know it to be today, Britney was utilizing elements of dubstep on Blackout. "Freakshow" was not only one of the LP's best bangers, but brought the then-underground genre to one of the biggest pop records of the year. 

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"Unusual You" (2008)

Putting personal issues aside, Circus marked a more safe turn for Britney, but there were some gems like the sensual, snyth-pop "Unusual You." One part club track, one part ballad, this is still a stunning standout in Brit's discography. 

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"How I Roll" (2011)

Three years later, Brit followed up Circus with the dance-centric Femme Fatale, which included a return to her experimental nature like "How I Roll." This spastic tune became one of the year's most addicting tracks and Rolling Stone even named it the No. 1 pop song of 2011.

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"He About to Lose Me" (2011)

Just like 2007's "Get Naked," sometimes Britney's coolest songs are the ones where she doesn't even sound like herself. "He About to Lose Me" is a bonus track on Femme Fatale that mixes lush guitar strumming and fuzzy electronic synths that all lead up to a chorus in which Spears and her backup singers holler about a lazy boyfriend.

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"Inside Out" (2011)

"Inside Out" was Britney's biggest-ever dive into the dubstep genre, as this grinding tune boasts one of the superstar's best lyrics to date: "Gotta look my best if we're gonna break up." 

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"Alien" (2013)

Produced by the prolific William Orbit (Madonna's Ray of LightChris Brown's "Don't Wake Me Up"), the album opener to 2013's Britney Jean indicated promising things from the LP with its cosmic production. We hope Brit and Will reunite for her forthcoming ninth album.

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