December 15, 2015


DJ Khaled Gets Lost on His Jet Ski at Night, Snapchats Everything

DJ Khaled’s Snapchat account, active for a few months now, is quickly becoming legendary. On Monday (Dec. 14), he took it to a new level with a live-Snapped nocturnal Jet Ski misadventure.

“It’s so dark out here, we don’t know where the hell we at, but the key is to make it, the key is to never give up. It’s not easy to win, I know that,” the constantly motivational Khaled says in the compilation video above. That gives way to, “The key is not to drive your Jet Ski in the dark. This is against the law, and not even just that—this ain’t right.”

The captions are all gold, too. Several are just the prayer hands emojis.

Khaled had evidently propelled himself out to Rick Ross’ Miami casa for lunch. His previously established stance on Jet Ski–riding is, “I come on the ocean and Jet Ski to set new goals and inspire myself.” That, too, comes from Snapchat. For future updates, follow him at djkhaled305, or grab highlights with this helpful Twitter account.