December 9, 2015


EXO Deliver Hushed Winter Ballad "Sing for You": Watch

EXO has delivered some of the most addictive singles in K-pop this year with "Call Me Baby" and "Love Me Right" (the latter of which is competing in our K-Pop Top 40 Music Video Countdown), but the boy band is changing its tune with a new winter release.

"Sing for You" is a hushed, acoustic ballad in which the guys explain how they're too awkward to tell their lover how they feel, so they choose to express their feelings by singing them the perfect song instead. There isn't anything that screams "Christmas!" about "Sing for You" (there aren't any jingle bells a la "Dear Santa"), but it is the type of sparse ballad that people are more inclined to listen to throughout the colder months (we see you, Adele!).

The accompanying black-and-white video sees the EXO boys brooding by themselves, reminiscing about past memories and regretting fighting with friends. The storyline doesn't totally follow the lyrics, but perhaps it's a reminder that we should have the confidence to tell the ones we love how we feel--before it's too late.

"Sing for You" is the title track from the band's new winter album that includes Korean and Chinese versions of all the songs. It isn't the first time EXO delivered an Xmas gift for fans: In 2013, the group released its Miracles in December EP, which was promoted via its intense title track

Listen to Sing for You via Apple Music, and check out the Chinese version of "Sing for You" below: