December 2, 2015


Fetty Wap By the Numbers: How Much Does He Say "Yeahhh, Baby"?

Fritz for Fuse
Fritz for Fuse

This year was 24-year-old Fetty Wap’s first in the spotlight, with his 2014 sleeper smash “Trap Queen” propelling him to heights most artists work years to reach. His formidable greatness can be calculated in many ways—and, in his own words, spun into an inspiring, exciting, often hilarious tale. Fuse combed the digits, obsessively counted those trademark “yeahhhh, baby!” shouts and broke it all down.

Below, check out Esteban Serrano's March 2015 conversation with the dude behind "679" and "My Way." "I don't want to say I'm hip hop," Fetty told Fuse. "I'm not a rapper, I'm not a singer, I'm not a lyricist, I don't do what everybody else do. I just make music, I make good music. I'm just Fetty Wap."