December 15, 2015


Listen to Fetty Wap's "Merry Xmas"

Fetty Wap is just a sweetheart. It’s one of the reasons he was a #2015Breakout here at Fuse, and it’s the reason he just went Fetty Claus on us and dropped “Merry Xmas.”

You’re gonna here the “yeahhh, babys!” (more than 40 of those on his self-titled debut; we counted) and Angel of New Jersey falsetto runs. The beat’s by Ace Swag Beatz, Monty shows up, as he does on like half his fellow Remy Boy Fetty’s tracks. 

The gooey "Merry Xmas" hook, for your family sing-alongs, goes like this:

"This is Merry Christmas to you
We're all in love with Christmas, it's true
And all I want for Christmas is you
I said, all I want for Christmas is you"

Shoutout to Mariah!

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