December 9, 2015


'Golf Digest' Digs Tyler, the Creator's Golf Wang Fashion Line

Josh Brasted/Getty Images
Josh Brasted/Getty Images

Tyler, the Creator started having fun with his crew’s moniker, Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, years ago, prominently flipping the Wolf Gang nickname to Golf Wang. (Followed by the festival Camp Flog Gnaw and the Wolf album track “Trashwang.”) The enterprise grew from there. There was a Golf Wang Tour in 2011. A new app, Golf Media, launched this past August; it offers “Tyler and his brain without restrictions and bullshit.”

And, of course, the fashion line, which revealed its Fall/Winter 2015 line on Tuesday. You can peep it all here—just like Golf Digest did, in an article titled “Why Tyler, The Creator created the hottest-selling 'golf' clothing line when he doesn't even like golf.”

The magazine spotlights a 2014 quote from Tyler, who told Billboard, “I mean, that’s my least favorite sport, to be honest. I don’t know, the word just looks sick.” The new line features a yellow lighter, GOLF earrings, a “Who the Fuck Are You?” T-shirt, overalls and lots of stripes, cats and Tumblr-y patterns (see the photo up top). Golf Digest evaluates the gear, hastening to add, “Again, the use of golf is ironic. We're not expecting anyone to play 18 holes in that coat, although the line's hats are golf course appropriate—and pretty sweet we might add.”

Tyler's happy as hell about it, too, retweeting the article and adding: