December 14, 2015


'Independence Day: Resurgence' Trailer: 20 Years Later, It's Sequel Time

It didn’t stop at Jurassic Park: The Lost World. Jeff Goldlbum is now back to usurp the original lead of a classic film, this time fronting Independence Day: Resurgence. The 20-years-later sequel won’t feature Will Smith, whose character reportedly died in 2007, but it’s got Vivica A. Fox, Judd Hirsch and, of course, Bill Pullman, who led America against the aliens in round one. 

Now the fight's back on, though, and a new alien presence has been found on Earth. “I spent 20 years trying to get us ready for this,” says Goldblum’s David Levinson. “We used their technology to strengthen our planet…but it won’t be enough.” Later, eyeing a massively intimidating spacecraft, he meta-murmurs, “That is definitely bigger than the last one.”

The Independence Day: Resurgence trailer goes on to showcase new star Liam Hemsworth, massive space battles that’ll either pale in comparison to the new Star Wars or fit right into its wake, and President Pullman’s Whitmore’s iconic speech from the first one. It winkingly gets cut off right before the end of its pivotal line—“Today, we celebrate our Independence Day!” 

The sequel comes from returning writer/director and fictional White House destroyer extraordinaire Roland Emmerich, who in the interim helmed The Day After Tomorrow, 2012 and White House Down. While you wait heck out the movie's June 24, 2016 release date, check out its website, a fictional education experience about "the War of 1996."