December 29, 2015


Johnny Manziel Criticized for Partying to Future's 'March Madness'

Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images
Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images

Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel is a huge hip hop fan. We know that not only because Drake shouted him out in 2014's "Draft Day," but also because "Johnny Football" loves partying to Future's "March Madness" – regardless of the consequences. 

Last month, a video hit the Internet featuring Manziel rapping the track at a club, champagne bottle in hand, during the Browns' bye week. 

After head coach Mike Pettine found out, the quarterback was demoted to third string for two games. But Manziel's Future love runs deep: As Complex reports, another video of the athlete letting loose to "March Madness" has hit the Busted Coverage Instagram. It shows him rapping along in a house, decked out in a “Merry Manziel" sweater, holding a beverage that appears to be Four Loko.

Coach Pettine told ESPN on Monday that he hadn't seen the video yet but planned to evaluate it. "These circumstances are different from the incident that occurred before," he said. "I'm just not going to go into a ton of detail with it until I get a little bit more information about it, but it's something that I'm sure privately we'll discuss if it needs to be discussed." 

Manziel spent 10 weeks in rehab earlier this year, but the reasons for his treatment were undisclosed. 

Meanwhile, Future is making headlines in multiple ways as 2015 nears its end – from coincidental(?) artwork references in Robitussin ads to Fuse's year-end hip-hop playlist