December 8, 2015


Jon Stewart Returns to 'The Daily Show' for Outraged Guest Segment

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah served up a special surprise on Monday, blurring past and present with a guest appearance from 16-year host Jon Stewart. The visit—Stewart’s first since his Aug. 6, 2015 exit—was an occasion for the casually dressed graduate to speak about a congressionally stifled act designed to offer healthcare to 9/11 emergency responders. (More on that below.)

Noah’s initial reaction to his predecessor’s appearance, above? “Oh wow! It’s Jon Stewart! I can't believe this! Oh man, this is, this is—oh wait, wait, wait, wait, shit. Are you here to take the show back? Oh man, I heard about this in American TV.” Fortunately Noah will not be getting Jay Leno’d.

Stewart’s finale featured a performance by his fellow New Jerseyan Bruce Springsteen. Daily Show alums Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell, Samantha Bee, Aasif Mandvi, Lewis Black, Wyatt Cenac and Rob Corddry were all on hand to celebrate. Watch him get in-depth on his 9/11 emergency responders health care program and its struggles below: