December 11, 2015


Watch Justin Bieber Take Over the 'Late Late Show' Monologue

You know how most late-night comedy shows begin sort of the same way? The host comes out for an opening monologue, and usually makes jokes at the expense of pop culture figures. James Corden and his Late Late Show are usually pretty good at this, but on Thursday night (Dec. 10), the program had a real treat: Our man Justin Bieber took over!

The Purpose singer came out in a suit with a smile (very off-brand for the guy currently promoting the apology-core tune, "Sorry.") He kicks things off with a joke about Hilary Clinton, then moving into riffs on Yahoo! and Bernie Sanders. Eventually Corden comes out in a robe, confused, wondering why the show let Biebs take over.

It's pretty great. Watch it above, then take our quizzes: How Well Do You Know Justin Bieber? and Which 2015 Music Superstar Are You?