December 29, 2015


Police Are Investigating Justin Bieber's 'Purpose' Graffiti in San Francisco

Chris McKay/WireImage
Chris McKay/WireImage

So, unless you've been, like, living under a rock with smaller rocks clogging your ears, you know Justin Bieber put out an album this year. It's called Purpose and most people think it's pretty great.

To promote the release, Biebs' people might've gone all street-team and graffiti'd his name, the record title and release date. Whatever the case, the markings are not going away. These bad boys have withstood multiple storms, and it's making the people and police of San Francisco very unhappy.

City attorney Dennis Herrera sent the following letter to Universal Music Group following the incident:

"This prohibited marketing practice illegally exploits our city's walkable neighborhoods and robust tourism, intentionally creates visual distractions that pose risks to pedestrians on busy rights of way, and irresponsibly tells our youth that likeminded lawlessness and contempt for public property are condoned and encouraged by its beneficiaries."

Bieber has yet to comment.