December 15, 2015


Katy Perry Launches 'Katy Perry Pop' Mobile Game

Glu Games Inc/iTunes
Glu Games Inc/iTunes

Katy Perry enters the world of colorful, cartoony mobile games today with Katy Perry Pop. The free app will have you pursuing a virtual music career, customizing your pop star’s look and making ("making"?) songs and music videos. You can also “see the world through Katy’s eyes with the unique KATY VISION feature where nothing is quite as it seems.”

Katy Perry Pop comes from Glu Mobile, which did Kim Kardashian’s game, the one that took home $74.3 million in 2014. “The game is about how you make decisions and progress through life in the music industry,” Glu chief executive Niccolo De Masi tells VentureBeat. “It has a lot more social functionality in it than our Kim Kardashian: Hollywood title.”

Another interesting aspect? “It has innovative features like synchronous chat and a live news feed. Katy can broadcast to the entire audience via a news feed,” says De Masi. So it's not just a game.

You’ll encounter in-app purchases, ads and social networking options in Katy Perry Pop. It’s rated 12+ and opens with a personal introduction from the singer. The weird thing is, you have your own smartphone in the game, and the smartphone has its own apps. Not that we're getting totally sucked into it or anything.