December 31, 2015


Kendrick Lamar Battles Temptation in Short Film 'God Is Gangsta': Watch

While most musicians are celebrating New Year's Eve with crowd-pleasing downloadshigh-profile collaborations and epic year-end performances, Kendrick Lamar is getting weird – and super dark. The rapper has released a hypnotic (and NSFW) short film, God Is Gangsta, which serves as a double music video for two tracks – "U" and "For Sale" – from his latest LP, To Pimp a Butterfly

The clip begins with the painfully intimate "U," which finds Lamar confronting himself in a small room, spiraling into drunkenness and self-hatred over his newfound stardom. The "For Sale" section jumps between two scenarios – a dazed Lamar stumbling through a hellish nightclub, then being baptized – as the lyrics explain his interactions with To Pimp a Butterfly's demon-like fringe character, Lucy.

Lamar's experimental video is the perfect companion to Butterfly, which finds the rapper breaking down the barriers of modern hip-hop and redefining them on his own terms. The album – which our editors had trouble even categorizing, with its blend of rap, funk, soul and jazz – topped Fuse's list of the year's 20 Best Albums