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Motörhead Playlist: The 10 Essential Lemmy Tracks

Although it’s difficult to choose highlights from a towering discography, here are the 10 Motörhead songs you have to hear today in order to properly toast the late Lemmy

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“Ace of Spades”

The ultimate full-throttle Motörhead track, and one of the most undeniable metal songs in history. The combination of the snarling hook and Lemmy’s delivery make this an all-timer.

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Dark, disturbing and downright tremendous, the title track of the band’s 1986 Orgasmatron album takes aim at the quick-fix social structures that Lemmy loathed.

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“Iron Fist”

The final single recorded with guitarist “Fast” Eddie Clarke prior to his departure from the group, “Iron Fist” highlighted the 1982 album of the same name and featured dynamic guitar work that recalls “Ace of Spades.”

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“(We Are) The Roadcrew”

“Ace of Spades” may get most of the attention from Motörhead’s seminal 1980 LP, but the marvelous soloing and furious Lemmy vocal take on “(We Are) The Roadcrew” cannot be ignored.

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Now THIS is the way to kick off a new band: The first song on the first Motörhead album (titled Motörhead) is the thrashing “Motörhead,” which effectively distanced Lemmy from his Hawkwind days and set a new precedent.

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“Killed By Death”

Motörhead issued four new tracks with the 1984 compilation album No Remorse, and the obvious standout was “Killed By Death,” which includes the dashing line, "If you squeeze my lizard, I'll put my snake on you.”

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Motörhead started to come into its own with 1979 sophomore album Overkill, and the lead track boasts surprising depth over five head-banging minutes.

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“Deaf Forever”

Thirty years later, the crunching guitar riff of “Deaf Forever” is difficult to match, while the call-and-response effect of its verses make this one of Motörhead’s most anthemic singles.

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Looking for a Motörhead track that’s a little lighter on its feet while eschewing the standard heaviness? The slick composition of “Bomber” turns Lemmy’s voice into a rollicking rallying cry.

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“The Game”

Okay, maybe you only know this as Triple H’s entrance music. That doesn’t diminish the gruff charm of “The Game,” on which Lemmy shouts, “I am the game, you don’t wanna play me!” He was more than right.

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