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Happy National "Cookie" Day! The 17 Best GIFs of Taraji P. Henson's 'Empire' Character

In honor of the pastry's special day, we look to our favorite Cookie...Taraji P. Henson's unforgettable character from 'Empire'! Click through for some of her greatest moments

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Shade Eye

Cookie is known for her facial expressions, and this shade eye is no exception. The woman can truly say more with a lift of a brow than most can with words...seriously!

(Via MTV News)

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Badass Bitch

There's nothing more intimidating and cool than a badass babe rocking fur, sunglasses and a not-so-sunny disposition. Don't mess with Cookie.

(Via Empire Fox TV)

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Feelin' Herself

She looks like a million bucks because she is a million bucks! Everyone kind of looks like garbage when they're next to Cookie.

(Via Cookie Lyonn)

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And her girls!

When you're on her good side, you're in for life. Duh.

(Via Fuck Yeah Black Celebrities)

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Telling It Like It Is

Getting close and intimate with Cookie is a privilege you must earn...it's not a right. Here she expresses just that.

(Via White Parent)

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Nothing says "stop acting like a child" then telling your son that, hello, this ain't Disney Channel. You've gotta work for your dreams!

(Via Emmys Rossum)

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Spit CIty

No caption necessary, right? Don't fuck with Cookie.

(Via Empire Fox TV)

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She's judging you without say a word. In fact, you're not worth her words. She doesn't have time for you. 

(Via Empire Fox TV)

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Feelin' Good

It's not all work for Cookie. She likes to relax too, and does it better than anyone else.

(Via Cookie Lyonn)

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Bust A Move

See what we mean? She can break out the moves when need be.

(Via Daria Raven X)

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Stare Down

Walk into a room like Cookie and you'll dominate.

(Via Fated X Destiny)

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The key to success is drive: You have to want it, crave it, work for it. Cookie knows that better than anyone.

(Via Hotline Lil Mama)

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Callin' Them Out

Success also means you have to be unafraid of cutting out weak links, of telling people they're full of it when they're full of it. See above for inspiration!

(Via Connrsollie)

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And Tellin' Them What To Do

Which brings us to Cookie's leadership skills. You need to know how to command a room, to get what you want. You better sing!

(Via Empire Fox TV)

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Sweet and Somber

Cookie's not all about work and strength. She can be vulnerable, too, and knows there's real power in it. She's human, after all!

(Via Serious TV Quotes)

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Amazing Aphorisms

We can't even begin to process that incredible outfit, so let's focus on the words: Cookie's take on "If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen" is so innovative and cool. How smart is she?!

(Via Brice Sander)

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Fantastic Fake Out

You don't have to be totally violent to put your own Boo Boo Kitty in his or her place, you know? This scene is just so powerful, Cookie knows how to really fake 'em out.

(Via Brice Sander)


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