December 10, 2015


Are Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill Really Engaged This Time?


We’ve been here before, but it seems like this time Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill—the rap power couple to end all rap power couples—are getting married (at some point).

The evidence is twofold. In a new Billboard interview, Nicki, sporting a diamond on her ring finger, said of Mill:

“He and I are not engaged. But he said he would like to give me three rings before we get married. My birthday’s coming up, and he better get the new one, because he got [the first one] for my last birthday. So let’s see what happens.”

The story published on Thursday, two days after Nicki's 33rd birthday. Late Wednesday night, she posted two Instagram photos of a nickel-sized, square-shaped diamond she dubs “flawless.” One caption reads, “Now this is what I'm talking about baby. Lol. Love u.”

So none of that’s a confirmation of engagement, but it seems to add up. We’ll see soon—or we won’t.