December 10, 2015


Nicki Minaj Planning Mixtape to "Set an Example for Female Rappers"

Brad Barket/Getty Images
Brad Barket/Getty Images

Billboard’s Year in Music issue is out, and the one and only Nicki Minaj is on the cover, touted as someone who “broke the mold” in a year where “Adele owned the charts” and “Taylor stormed the stage.”

The lengthy interview with Jody Rosen went smoother than the train wreck New York Times Magazine piece by Vanessa Grigoriadis, yielding some interesting insights. Among other topics, Nicki touches on acting (“I want to do something very serious”), watching Investigation Discovery 24/7 (“Like, I know everything about law and crime-solving”) and the war on drugs (“It has become slavery. Or something crazier”).


One of the most exciting things fans will learn is this: “I’ll definitely drop a mixtape. I have to.” Not that we’re complaining, but after three successful studio albums, how come? 

“Well, I want to touch a couple of beats that I wasn’t on. I could have bodied a lot of the records that came out in the last year. But the main thing is, I have to set an example for female rappers. I’m at the top of that food chain, and it’s important to lead by example. And because I came into the game doing mixtapes, I want to make sure women do not forget the importance of that grind, that walk up to the top. You can’t get there with a song. Because once that song is no longer hot, you’re no longer hot. It’s important that you are bigger than your music. Some fans are going to fuck with me for the rest of my life because they know where I came from. Fans know my struggle. How hungry I was. That I was not settling, I was not giving up. I was on everybody’s beat. I was ruthless.”

Also cute: Meek hasn’t let Nicki listen to his upcoming Dreamchasers 4 mixtape. Even though they're probably engaged.

Read the full interview here.