December 7, 2015


Notorious B.I.G. Meets 'Star Wars' on Remix Album: Stream/Download Now

The Star Wars #content is bombarding Earth at light speed these days, with Episode VII: The Force Awakens less than two weeks away. But here’s one you absolutely can’t ignore: Biggie Smalls and John Williams, Notorious and Star Wars, Darth Vader x Big Poppa.

The 17-song remix album from Solar Slim and Richie Branson is called Life After Death Star. You can stream it up top or download it for free right here.

Delicious swirls you’ll hear include “Party and Bullshit” over the iconic song from the Mos Eisley Cantina and “Dead Wrong” over “The Imperial March.”

Life After Death Star is the latest entry in a long tradition of Star Wars musical mashups, following gems like a George Lucas–ified “Bohemian Rhapsody,” the Frozen parody “Do You Want to Kill Some Rebels?” and tons more we’ve collected for you here.