December 16, 2015


One Direction Fans are Adorably Reaching Out to Sad Paramore Fans

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Losing your favorite band in its ideal form is something that happens to all of us at some point: Members leave, groups go on hiatus, time passes and they fizzle out. It's heartbreaking, but it's a part of life. The only thing we can do is come together and help each other out in a time of musical tragedy. 

One Direction fans know this better than anyone else on the planet--not only did they lose Zayn Malik at the top of the year, they lost 1D...sort of. The guys are taking a break and we don't know when they'll be back. It's a bummer, but the British boys need it. 

On Monday night, Paramore fans found themselves in a similar dilemma. Founding bassist Jeremy Davis left the group, leaving Hayley Williams as the pop-punk band's only original member. Rough stuff.

It's not all bad: 1D fans have started showing their support for the Parafamily on all social media platforms. We've found some of our favorite tweets.

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