December 23, 2015


Watch the 'Orange Is the New Black' Cast's Prison-Centric Christmas Poem

We might be another six months out from Orange Is the New Black's fourth season, but the most delightful cast on TV has sent its love via a YouTube Christmas card. "'Twas a Night in Litchfield" is a whimsical reworking of the classic poem that was actually originally titled "A Visit from St. Nicholas." Ah, the priceless gift of trivial knowledge!

Referencing plot points like elusive chickens and profitable panties, the clip's got Taystee, Pennsatucky, Big Boo, Sophia, Daya, Poussey, Flaca, Red, Piper, Caputo, Morello, Alex—basically everyone. Their rhymes detail a surprise encounter with confused-looking "old white dude" whose "skin was so chalky." It's Santa Claus, whom they end up robbing of his many prison-ready goodies.

If you haven't seen Orange Is the New Black's third season yet, definitely add it to your holiday binge-list.