December 28, 2015


Robitussin Ad Recalls Future's 'Dirty Sprite 2' Cover

What a hack-up job: Robitussin's latest ad campaign features a man – on a crowded elevator, of course! – coughing a multi-colored cloud as he desperately tries to escape the public shame of his illness and find some Robo-relief. But as Complex astutely observes, his trippy germs look eerily similar to the cover of Future's latest solo LP, Dirty Sprite 2. And the actor's even wearing Gucci flip-flops! (Not really.)

It's possible the ad team coincidentally created a similar rainbow-esque image. It's also possible they've employed a hip-hop fan eager to slip in a visual homage to his or her favorite rapper. Either way, it's hilarious. 

Earlier this month, Future talked with Fuse about Drake's last-minute feature on Dirty Sprite 2: “He (Drake) called me the day I was supposed to turn it in, and said 'send me whatever song you want me to get on,'” he said.